Detailed, dogged, deadline-driven journalist.

I began reporting seven years ago with the intention of pushing myself out of my comfort zone. I stuck with reporting because I have realized the impact that journalism can have on both myself and my readers. Through journalism, I can uncover injustices, expose readers to consider new perspectives, and amplify otherwise unheard voices. Following my graduation from UC Berkeley in May 2024, I intend to continue doing so as a news reporter. 

Aug 2017 - June 2020 | Editor in Chief, Scot Scoop News

June 2019 - June 2020 | Student News Columnist, San Mateo Daily Journal

June 2020 - Present | News Reporter & Editor, The Daily Californian

May 2022 - Aug 2022 | Editorial Intern, San Francisco Examiner

June 2023 - Aug 2023 | Editorial Intern, The Hill

Jan 2024 - Present | Freelance Reporter

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Featured Articles

UC Berkeley expects People’s Park housing project to exceed $400 million in costs

In 1967, UC Berkeley demolished the homes that lined People’s Park with the intention of building student housing. Fifty-seven years later, that plan is coming to fruition, but not without cost: more than $400 million, to be exact.

This cost, projected by campus spokesperson Kyle Gibson, includes $312 million towards the actual costs of the project and an additional $53 million in “contingency” costs. The difference is made up by the $90 million estimate to build additional supportive housing —

'It’s a community': Homemade Cafe closes, legacy of care lives on

“When you’re in Berkeley, you get Homemade Cafe.” For many former and current Berkeley residents alike, this was a cardinal rule. However, after one last day of service Jan. 1, the restaurant many considered a childhood staple and community hub closed its doors for good.

Laura Atkins will miss the seasonal brunch salad. Ty Alper’s son will lament over the inadequacy of his father’s chocolate chip pancakes. Rachel Weinrib will always remember impressing her future husband on their first date by

Congress eyes college sports fixes. Are student-athletes on board?

If lawmakers have their way, change is afoot in college sports. After the Supreme Court in 2021 opened the floodgates for money into college sports, Congress appears ready to impose guardrails on universities and force transparency around deals that are making some student-athletes rich.

But it’s unclear how much these changes will benefit the more than half-a-million student athletes competing in NCAA championship sports.

“There’s so much money in collegiate sports, but the voice and the wel

‘A total blackbox’: UC Berkeley Police Accountability Board will end internal misconduct investigations

The impending launch of UC Berkeley’s Police Accountability Board, or PAB, will mark the first time in recent history that misconduct allegations will be processed outside of the UCPD.

Following a report of misconduct against a sworn UCPD officer, investigations into the department will be conducted by UC Davis’ Ethics and Compliance Office as a result of a memorandum of understanding, according to campus Executive Director of Civil Rights & Whistleblower Compliance Kellie Brennan. Investigatio

48K academic workers strike across UC system

After months of bargaining, the United Auto Workers, or UAW, union that represents postdoctoral scholars, academic researchers, academic student employees and graduate student researchers has had enough. At 8 a.m. this morning, 48,000 academic workers across the UC system have gone on strike. As of press time, there is no end in sight.

According to Max Smiley, a graduate student researcher in the UC Berkeley physics department, the university has allegedly violated various state labor laws duri

UC Berkeley lecturers share their stories of trial, tribulation and triumph

To most UC Berkeley students, the person standing behind the podium at the front of their classroom is simply their professor. In reality, however, only 1,300 campus faculty members don that title. The remaining 1,100 are UC lecturers.

While this difference in title may seem superficial to students, it determines their salary, job stability and ultimately their livelihood.

“Lecturers work really hard to put on a very professional persona in the classroom,” said Crystal Chang, campus continuing